Open-Realty 3.5.4 is our first bugfix release of the year. Along with bug fixes, this update contains some changes to help other developers get started developing for Open-Realty.

# Fixes

  • Fixed Some E_NOTICE errors with Contact Form
  • Fix some e_warning errors with the view lead pagination
  • Fix an error in the login code for storing user data in sessions
  • Fix warning errors that were breaking the ability to edit media in the media widget.
  • Fix PHP error if you try to display a field with get_listing_single_value() that the user does not have access to.

# Other Changes

  • Try to ensure we are running E_ALL error reporting if devignoreinstall is present
  • Update Build images to use latest PHP 8 docker image with development-ini enabled.
  • Fix makefile errors on windows and update with windows development directions.
  • Simplify Local Dev to run make commands in the container by default, to reduce the need for installing PHP, Node, Yarn all on the local machine.

# Download Information

Make sure to select the Package Download, as highlighted in this example screenshot.