Open-Realty 3.6.3 is the last version of Open-Realty that will support PHP 7.4, the next release will required PHP 8.0+. This is primarily a bug fix release. The one big change is that we have started adding better code testing to Open-Realty, this should lead to better quality releases in the future with less bugs as we build out out test suite.

[3.6.3] - 2022-10-08


  • This is the last release to support PHP 7.4. All future release will require PHP 8+
  • Improved Display of Tabs on Edit Listing Template Field Dialog.
  • Fixed display of * on required fields on listing, agent, and lead field editor screens.
  • Fixed incorrect isplay of required status as no, even if it was yes on lead and listing field editor dialogs. #139open in new window
  • Fix php error in user__create api
  • Fix Admin Site Config Forms now displaying template tags.
  • Fix ability to collapse listing media widget image pane after initial load.
  • Fix ability to collapse user media widget image pane after initial load.
    • Media widget now loads thumbnail images instead of main images and acceptance test added for this.. [#144] (
  • Google Auth was not calling set_session_vars() so login was failing to authorize user.
  • Improve permission checks in listing__delete api
  • Fix error handling in listing__delete api that caused api call to die() instead of returning an error.
  • Fix error in uploading images in media__create api.
  • Improve user__delete api, to remove userdb entry last, to ensure we do not orphan objects if errors occur.


  • Install yarn updates, pull is security fix for node-sass
  • Set autocomplete and spellcheck attributes on all password and user_name fields.


  • Start Adding some more unit tests
  • Start adding User API Integration Test
  • Start adding Acceptance/Browser Test
  • Start Adding Listing API Integration tests
  • Get Acceptance Test w/ code coverage working in CI.
  • Add Acceptance test for media widget behavior in #143open in new window
  • Improve Setup/Teardown for Integration Test
  • Add user media widget acceptance test and fix flaky test for media widget listing & user.
  • Bundler should not package c3.php or tests for releases.
  • Start adding unit test for Login, and standardize our test setups and documentation.
  • Misc Code Documentation, Cleanup, adding unit tests.
  • Start adding User API Integration tests.
  • Improve Node Cache for Docker and CI

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Contributors: Ryan Bonham